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The Beaver Scout Programme

The Scout Association has a programme which aims to promote the growth and development of children and young people.

The philosophy underpinning the programme is that every Beaver Scout should participate in a Balanced Programme over a period of time.

Providing your Beaver Scouts with a programme that is both balanced and exciting is one of the most rewarding challenges for our leaders.

What we offer to young people in the Beaver Scout section is a range of activities, events and experiences built around six programme zones.
You balance the programme in the same way you’d balance a diet, by simply ensuring that over a given period (a month or a term, for example), there is something from each zone in the Programme.

Young people experience Scouting by regularly taking part in quality activities, drawn from each programme zone. Personal achievement can be recognised by earning awards and badges leading to the chief scout’s awards and the Queen’s scout award.

We deliver the activities across the programme zones using a variety of methods, and the final element of the Balanced Programme for Beaver Scouts is the Bottom Line – a list of things you’d hope to see going on if you were to walk into a typical Colony meeting.

Please use the expandable links below to find out more information about the Programme Zones, the Methods of Scouting and the Bottom Line.

Programme Zones split the whole programme into manageable areas. Each zone represents a different development area in a young person’s life.

There are six Programme Zones, with separate aims for the Beaver Scouts taking part in activities in each zone.

Beliefs and Attitudes

This zone provides opportunities to explore and develop Scouting values, personal attitudes and a range of beliefs.


This zone helps Beaver Scouts explore the community in which they live, discovering local people, places and facilities. It also gives them the opportunity to offer help and service.


This zone focuses on activities to improve fitness, promote personal health and increase awareness of personal safety. It should provide young people with the opportunities to participate in a variety of games and to improve their skills in a range of physical pursuits.


This zone provides opportunities for young people to display their creativity through art, music, drama, design, worship and leadership.


This zone helps Beaver Scouts to discover the similarities and differences in lifestyle, cultures and environments, both locally and from around the world. It helps them make a difference.

Outdoor and Adventure

In this, the largest zone, are all the activities connected with camping and the great outdoors. This zone is full of opportunities to learn not just the traditional Scouting skills associated with hiking and camping, but also those needed for other adventurous activities.

A Balanced Programme will draw ideas from each of these areas over time. This may take the form of an event or activity, or working towards a specific activity badge or challenge.

The Programme Zones are delivered using 11 methods, which give the programme variety and range.

Sometimes one method will be more suitable than another. On occasions you may use a number of methods within the same activity. So we give our Beaver Scouts opportunities to:

Help others

Beaver Scouts understand helping others, though it is usually something they do at home. Incorporating this method into your programme will make them realise that there are many ways to help other people.

Go on visits

This allows Beaver Scouts to expand their horizon by doing something different, either during the weekly meeting or at a weekend.

Play games

Games are always a useful way to explore Programme Zones, and many can be adapted to suit a theme, zone or activity.

Make things

This covers anything from simple drawing to making large items, and includes cooking and using technology in different ways.

Meet new people

Beaver Scouts can broaden their minds by meeting new people and finding out about what they do in their community and how they live.

Act, sing and make music

This method is good for using a Beaver Scout’s imagination, and it can also provide opportunities for group work.

Listen to stories

Storytelling is a wonderful way of communicating to children and sharing experiences. It also helps develop listening skills and encourages creative imagination.

Prayer and worship

Pictures and themes can be used to encourage Beaver Scouts to think about others, and getting them to write simple prayers will help them to bring God into their everyday experiences.


Many leaders think their Beaver Scouts chat too much! Used correctly though, it can help them to reinforce the experiences that Scouting provides.

Follow themes

Beavers have vivid imaginations, and themes are a powerful way to capture their interest and make the programme attractive and enjoyable.

Go outdoors

The great outdoors is a core part of the programme for all Scout sections. Taking part in activities and games outdoors encourages Beaver Scouts to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. And let off steam.

The Bottom line is a term that describes those things that anyone walking into your Colony meeting might see happening. Through the Balanced Programme, we give our Beaver Scouts opportunities to:

  • Have fun
  • Make friends
  • Try new things
  • Keep the Promise
  • Make progress
  • Share in groups

Remember, information about the Balanced Programme that we use in Beavers can be found on the Scout Association website or by asking the Beaver Scout leader.